BilbaoArte Residency | Spain | 2015

“Toreado”, (Word play of this Spanish term meaning both: the manipulation of a bull in a bullfight, and the provocation a person)
Site Specific Installation created for solo exhibition at BilbaoArte Residency
Fans range from 4′ to 10′ diameter
Cotton Cloth, Wood, Steel

This new installation “Toreado”, is my 4th Instructional Dance Machine – presenting the viewer with the experience of the dance that is the bullfight, but from the perspective of the bull. The curtains covering the 3 doors in the room mimic the colors of the handkerchiefs used by the president throughout the bullfight: the white curtain at the entrance to the room signals the commencement of the event, the green curtain covering the back door of the gallery signals a rejection/exchange of the bull, and an orange curtain covers the exit, granting the release of a bull who has excelled. Guests, hopefully dressed in black (as always for an opening) like the bull, enter the installation through the white curtain and maneuver/dance their way through a winding narrow passage created by the numerous wall-mounted, floating fans which fill the space. The fans mimic both the capes used by the bullfighter, and spinning skirts of dancers, beginning with fuchsia and then switching to red, to mark the approaching death of the bull. In this case the viewer is ultimately granted an “indulto”, or pardon, which is communicated via the final orange curtain covering the exit.