On The Road AGAIN…

November 4, 2009

Every year I say this will be my last year traveling and recruiting for MICA… But I simply love it too much. So, behold, tales from my sixth season on the road.

This is my longest trip EVER: from October 4th to November 15th. I’ve already covered Houston, Dallas, Austin, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Syracuse. I still have Rochester, Miami, West Palm Beach and New York City to go. Oh, and maybe Huntington.

I spent Halloween 2009 in Los Angeles with Patrick, Celena, Hilton and his possy. I had my head in the clouds and Patrick had his feet on the ground, a perfect pair. And, best of all, my costume was totally portable and free to make (thanks very much to Celena)

Celena Siprajim went as the Chinese Lucky Cat, and Hilton Carter as a big little teddy bear.