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12 Jul 2009

July Updates…

I shared a spectacular Fourth of July with friends and family in NYC – the most impressive fireworks show yet.

I’m currently in Portland, Oregon celebrating the 34th Annual Patrick Melroy Day.

Flying to Maryland on Sunday for 2 days of Portfolio Reviews at The Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore.

The plan for the rest of the summer is to attend the Venice Biennale, the Time Based Arts Festival in Portland, Oregon and the Philadelphia Fringe Festival specifically to see Chunky Move perform. Hopefully that will still allow me some time in the studio.

07 Jun 2009

29th Annual Alessandra Day!

Sunday, June 7th was the 29th Annual Alessandra Day!
Hosted by The Marlboro Man and Ive at Bird Haven
Soundtrack provided by Smokey, the ducks and the Magothy River
(with special appearances by The Ambassador from Costa Rica and
the former US Senator of Michigan)

28 Apr 2009

Vermont Studio Center March & April 2009

I survived two months at The Vermont Studio Center!!!
My Studio
My Bedroom in March
My Bedroom in April
These are some of the projects I worked on during my stay:
“Shadow Drawing in the Snow”
(Work in Progress)
With no phone reception I had to revert to older methods of communication, Behold:
My Can Telephones:

“Long Distance Relationship”
(the second can was mailed to Portland, Oregon)
March and April is an action-packed time in Vermont. It’s Maple Syrup Season and I visited all the Sugar Shacks in the area. I prefer Grade A Medium Syrup.

Rob and Deb’s Sugar Shack